Merchants join manual

Ⅰ. Join conditions

Required conditions for enterprises or natural persons who are intends to join the franchise:

1. Legal entities and natural persons with legal qualifications are preferred if they have more relational resources in the target market.

2. Identify with the management concept and mode of "Fooktsuiking" jewelry, and have the enthusiasm and desire to develop the jadeite jewelry industry.

3. Comply with national laws and regulations, insist on honest management, and have good commercial reputation.

4. Familiar with the market situation of the franchise, have certain investment economic strength, and have management consciousness.

5. To abide by the provisions of the franchise contract, to obey the supervision and management of the headquarters, and to maintain the good reputation and image of the brand in the course of operation.

Ⅱ. Joining process


Ⅲ. Joining Process Description

1. Application

After the introduction of the detailed joining process by the staff of the franchise development department, apply for the evaluation form of the franchisee and the store to the “Fooktsuiking” headquarters (the form is attached).

2. Submit the evaluation form

Select the shop, fill in the evaluation form truthfully, submit directly to the Fooktsuiking Jewelry Headquarters or send a fax or send an email.

3. Evaluation

Headquarters send staff to conduct personal and risk assessments of shops and owners

1. Personal assessment 2. Shop assessment 3. Risk assessment

A. Personal situation and information of the franchisee /Analysis of the business circle situation / Joining purpose

B. Business site analysis / investment allocation

C. Recognition degree of the franchise industry / store information / funding sources

D. Intention for cooperation with the franchise system / Target customer analysis / Attitudes for investing in operations

Remarks: The result of the determination is required to be completed within 10 working days after the applicant submits the application form, and the special call or special letter informs the applicant to confirm the conclusion.

4. Signing

Confirm that those who are qualified are aware of the contents of the franchise contract. After the official signing and become a franchise store, the franchisee shall pay the franchise fee, security deposit, brand use fee, etc. At the same time, the franchisee shall provide the original business license, identity card and tax registration certificate, which shall be duplicated and keep in the archives by the headquarters.

5. Store decoration and layout

The franchisee shall provide the plane graph of the shop and mark the data. The “Fooktsuiking” headquarter will customize its decoration plan and suggestions according to VI standard.

6. Training

The franchisee's employees participate in pre-job training for 1-3 days organized by the headquarters of Fooktsuiking (or headquarters-to-store training); after the training is completed, they can work in the franchise store after passing the examination.

7. Opening preparations

The "Fooktsuiking" headquarter will guide the franchisee to prepare in-store supplies and series of products before the opening of the franchise store.

8. Operation

The "Fooktsuiking" headquarter will maintain the bidirectional contact with the franchised store, and provide services and support, while the franchise store purchases a certain amount of quota every month.

9. Renewal of contract

If wants to renew the contract, the franchise store will submit an application in writing form to the “Fooktsuiking” headquarter three months before the expiration of the contract.

Ⅳ. Franchise fee



Franchise  fee

Security  deposit

Brand  use fee


Flagship  store

30  thousand

30  thousand

20  thousand / year

Investment  amount: more than 5 million yuan

Area:  300 square meters or more

Specialty  store

20  thousand

20  thousand

20  thousand / year

Investment  amount: 1-5 million yuan

Area80-150 square meters

City  franchised store

10  thousand

10  thousand

10  thousand / year

Investment  amount360000 -1 million  yuan

Area30-80 square meters


20  thousand

20  thousand


Investment  amountmore than 3 million  yuan

Area500 square meters

Provincial  agent

1  million

1  million


1. Provincial  agents must sign cooperation agreements in the name of the company

2. Provincial  agency companies must have their own office spaces and exhibition  halls

3. Provincial  agents need to be equipped with corresponding market expansion operating  team

4. The  deposit of franchise stores developed by provincial agency companies is  collected by the provincial agents; the franchise fee is divided into 2:8; the  brand usage fee is 5:5.


1. The franchise fee is charged at one time. (Note: The franchise fee of  provincial agency company can be deducted equally from the purchase  amount.)

2.  The security deposit contract shall be refunded when it expires.

3.  The brand use fee is charged once a year.



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