《Chinese Dragon·Chinese Dream》

combines two techniques of jade carving and wood carving, and adopts various craft methods such as hollowing carving and relief carving. Hollowing carving craft is exquisite and delicate, relief carving craft is general and concise, which are skillfully arrange "Nine dragon Play With a Bead" in the middle of ebony carving. Use the low brightness of ebony to set off dainty and exquisite jade, while the clear jadeite also contrasts out the deep and classical ebony, and the two reflect each other and shine together.

With the help of symbols such as dragon, ornamental column, the Great Wall, peace dove, party flag, rocket, figure images of 56 ethnic groups, Ding and ingot, the work combines culture with time, expresses the beautiful wish of the same earth and the same dream, express that under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, 56 ethnic groups were closely united, work together to create the road of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the same time, it embodies master Ye Fuhuan's joy at the convening of the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

《Spring Silkworm》

"Spring Silkworm" reflects the simple life atmosphere, silkworm cocoon and silkworm chrysalis are randomly distributed, making the viewers smile: "When I was a child, my family raises silkworms, and the picture emerged when I was carving, I created it with memories of my childhood. "

《Dragon Travel freely on Huangyan Island》

The main body of this work is a fish carved with jadeite violet, it takes the meaning of "the purple air comes from the east(an auspicious omen),  feel easy just like a fish in water", surrounded by coral reefs, shells and 100 arowanas, suggesting Huangyan Island is the inherent territory of China. And matching red jade, yellow jadeite, ice species jadeite and so on constitutes a colorful underwater world, forming a transparent and ethereal beauty under the creative hollow-out.

Classical decorative articles
  • Emerald carving work "Visiting Friends in Deep Mountains"
  • Emerald carving work "Unlimited Happiness and Longevity"
  • Emerald carving work "Pleasing Bamboo Connects a Scholar"