Fooktsuiking Brand

Guangdong Fooktsuiking Jewelry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fooktsuiking")  originated in the 1880s, focusing on the production, design and operation of high-end emerald accessories and jade carvings, adhering to the concept of "National jade classics, sharing by all people" and adhering to the attitude of "The credit is the base, the service is supreme", committed to providing high-quality emerald and jade carvings for customers.

Fooktsuiking Headquarter is located in Hualin International Jade Square, Liwan District, Guangzhou. With mature business model, operation team, sales channel, brand communication, it has become a high-end jewelry and jade enterprise in Guangzhou. Now Fooktsuiking owns Ye Fuhuan Jade Carving Museum and the National Jade Art Museum. It not only has several production and design factories in Pingzhou, Jieyang and Sihui, but also has direct-sale stores in many parts across the country.

After nearly ten years of continuous operation, Fooktsuiking Company has been well-known from all walks of life under the guidance of the brand strategy of Mr. Ye Fuhuan, chairman of the board of directors, and has won the following honors:

Master Ye Fuhuan

Ye Fuhuan, founder of Fooktsuiking, followed the family to Myanmar to do the jade business in the 1980s, and cultivated a profound interest in the art of jade carving. At the age of 14, he was fortunate to meet Pan He(the creator of "Hard Years" and "Zhuhai Fisherwoman"), a famous Chinese carving artist, and was accepted as big disciple by his amazing talent.

Under many years of the guidance and teaching of Pan He, Ye Fuhuan's sculpture and painting skills became more and more perfect, coupled with his own aesthetics and tireless pursuit and perseverance in art, he gradually became a famous master in the field of jadeite sculpture, and eventually become a national master in the field of jadeite sculpture.

Brand Honors
  • New Hope & Love Partner Unit
  • Vice President Unit of China Arts and Crafts Association
  • Fashion Brand in 2017
  • Top 30 Gold and Silver Jewelry Enterprises in Guangdong Province
  • Top ten brands in China's jade industry
  • The Most Socially Influential Enterprises in 2010
  • Guangdong Research Institute of Arts and Crafts
  • The Most Honest and Credible Enterprises in 2011
  • The Best New Brand of China Fashion Industry in 2011
Ye Fuhuan's Award-winning Works
  • 《Green Brilliance》
  • 《Spring Silkworm》
  • 《Yunshan Fucui》
  • 《Chinese Dragon·Chinese Dream》
  • 《Yunshan Fucui》
  • 《Dragon Travel freely on Huangyan Island》
  • 《Climbing the High Hill with Happiness》
Ye Fuhuan's works are recognized by political celebrities
  • Former Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan cordially met with Ye Fuhuan
  • Indian President Mukherje accepted Ye Fuhuan’s national present jade carving work
  • Burmese Chinese General awarded Ye Fuhuan Medal Award
  • former member of the State Council and Minister Republic of China,Photographed with Liang Guanglie
  • were collected by Beijing Diaoyudao State Guesthouse in 2010
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